Kick Soda To The Curb With These 3 Drinks!

I truly believe that soda was once one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Then people realized how much sugar is in it and what it does to your teeth and now we are all frantically backpedaling to undo all the harm we have unknowingly caused ourselves.

Don't worry people, you still have plenty of time!

Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy soda alternatives that exist. 

Keep reading to find out what Wave Soda named as our top three drinks to kick soda! 

Wave Soda

Our top choice (duh) was Wave Soda

Wave Soda is truly the perfect alternative to regular soda because it offers much of the same flavor and experience, but without all the sugar and additives. 

Check out the chart below to see more! 


Everyone loves a good 'ol cup of joe, am I right?

Coffee offers plenty of caffeine if you're needing a nice pick me up. 

Research actually shows that coffee has various health benefits! 

  • helps burn fat
  • increases energy levels 
  • improves physical performance 
  • contains essential ingredients

Coffee can be a less appealing option if you are adding a lot of creamer or sugar so if you're drinking, it's best to stick to black to keep it clean and healthy! 


Hot or cold, tea is a great option when trying to kick soda. 

Similar to coffee and soda, it offers a good amount of caffeine and if it is enjoyed unsweetened, it is much lower in sugar than soda. 

What Are You Drinking?

What else do you like to drink?!

Kick soda out and welcome our healthy sparkling juice in! 

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