Meet Winston

Meet Winston: VP of Mascots

Winston is our big, fluffy mascot!

We actually don’t know that much about Winston. He doesn’t belong to any of us! His owner works just across the parking lot (we’ve never met his owner), but Winston comes and visits us almost every day! We do know that he’s a really chill dog who loves taking cat naps in our office! Oh, and, his middle name is Moose!

If you give him Jiminy's pet treats, he will sit, shake, lay down, and balance it on his nose! Something that makes Winston special is that he may be big, but he’s a teddy bear who would never hurt a fly!

Here are some more pictures of Winston that we want to share with you! 

Why Winston is Important to Wave:

Without his daily visits, we wouldn’t be able to make our healthy soda! He is always coming in and cheering everyone up, which helps us to better market and distribute our natural soda. If we were to assign him a flavor, he would be our Tangerine Soda because he’s our bright ray of sunshine! We are so glad that he is here to help us with our refreshing drink.