Meet Roxy

Meet Roxy: Head of Ball Chasing

Roxy is our ball chasing expert!

She’s an extremely energetic 5 year old pup whose favorite things to do is run and play fetch (with a ball, of course). When she’s not running around playing fetch, she is playing with her squeaky toys or is trying to get you to throw something so she can fetch it. She will try to get you to throw anything you possibly can so she can fetch it, including cardboard boxes.

If you give her chicken and apple sausage bites, she will do lots of tricks, including bang, spin, shy, shake, beg, roll over, stand, prayers, yoga, high five, hoop jumping, sitting under you, boop, and paw. She’s definitely a trick dog! A fun fact about Roxy is that she has spots on her ear in the shape of a paw print! It’s natural!

Here are some more pictures of Roxy that Kylee wanted to share with you!

Why Roxy is Important to Wave:
We couldn’t have the sorta soda that we do today without her! Our happy soda is powered by her ball-chasing energy. We strive to create the best refreshing soda because of her. We love making our happy soda with her happy vibes.