Meet Patrys

Meet Patrys: Director Of Sniffing

Patrys is our director of sniffing! She is an adventurous 4 year old pup whose favorite thing to do is going on hikes. When she’s not hiking, she’s playing with her favorite toys, a tennis ball or a sock! 

She goes crazy for her favorite treat- cheese! She can do a fun trick with cheese too. Nadia will cut a few pieces of cheese and have her sit down stairs while Nadia hides them. She then calls on her to sniff out the pieces. She has an incredible sense of smell. (We need a video of this ASAP!)

 A fun fact about Patrys is that “she has her own song that Pierre and I made up and we sing to her every now and again. I know, we sound crazy.” Definitely NOT crazy Nadia, we think you’re the best dog mom out there!

Here are some more pictures of Patrys that Nadia wanted to share with you!

We couldn’t build a healthy soda alternative without Patrys! She adventures with us when we’re politely caffeinated from our natural sodas. Her energy helps us keep spreading the word about our keto soda.