About Nat Noone

Meet Nat!

Nat founded Wave in 2017 and is our CEO.

He likes to describe his job as him “just keeping the wheels on the van,” but anyone that has met him knows that he is very involved in Wave and he helps everyone to be successful at their roles. He’s the best boss! His favorite part of working here is the fact that he “loves building a business and working with a fun team. Free soda isn’t bad either.”


Nat loves drinking Wave, his favorite flavor is “Tangerine, but it really depends on the time of the day and my mood.” He usually likes to pair his Waves with a bacon cheese burger because according to him, “I am a simple man.” According to him, the best place to get a bacon cheeseburger is Fuddruckers. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family which includes his wife, Mia; 5 kids; and dogs Mav and Whiskey. When he isn’t spending time with family, he enjoys doing carpentry!


A fun fact about Nat is that he started in the food world with a couple fruit stands in Washington DC called Fat Fruit! As much fun as he had there, he loves being in the beverage world and creating a healthy soda alternative for everyone to enjoy!





Why We’re Excited About Nat:

He’s our boss, we have to be! Just kidding! Nat has created an amazing sorta soda brand! He’s building a healthy soda replacement that’s a flavored sparkling water. We are so excited to be on this journey with him to spread our natural soda all across the country. We’re stoked to have you supporting Nat’s dreams of having an uplifting drink available for everyone.