About Mia Medina

Meet Mia!

Mia has been with Wave since the beginning, in 2017.

She is our mama bear! She’s always happy and can make you laugh no matter what! WE LOVE HER! 

Mia’s favorite food is crab, which she likes to have with a cold Mango Wave! On the weekends, she enjoys spending time with her family at the beach. When she’s not spending time with her family at the beach, she likes to still be at the beach, soaking up the sun! 

A fun fact about Mia is that she used to race mountain bikes in the 90’s! She’s so awesome! 






Why We’re Excited About Mia:

She’s the one that brings the party to our natural soda office! Mia can always make us laugh and puts the uplifting in our uplifting soda! We’re always stoked to have her pop in and cheer us on while we’re building our flavored sparkling water brand. We could not have the sorta soda that we do without her.