Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy: Squirrel-Chasing Expert

Lucy is our very own squirrel chasing expert!

She is a loving 6 year old pup whose favorite activity is going on walks (and chasing squirrels, of course)! When she’s not taking a walk, you can find her chewing on her bone!

If you give her her favorite treat, an ice cube, she’ll sit for you! Lucy is a Blue Doberman. A fun fact about Blue Dobermans is that they represent just 8-15% of all Dobermans. She’s a very unique pup!

Here is another picture of Lucy that Jason wanted to share with you!

Why Lucy is Important to Wave:
We are fueled to build a healthy soda alternative by her squirrel-chasing energy. She gives us the drive to create a sparkling water that is delicious and healthy. Our natural soda wouldn’t be the same without her!