Meet Kona

Meet Kona: Vocal Specialist

Kona is our talented vocal specialist! He’s a loud 3 year old puppy whose favorite thing to do is go to the dog beach! He loves the water and can swim better than most people. He’s basically a sea lion. When he’s home from the beach, he shreds plush toys and plays with squeaky balls!

If you give him cheese puffs, he’ll sit, shake, roll over, or lay down! Things that make Kona unique are his size (he’s 125 lbs), his sassy attitude, and that he makes all sorts of noises!

Here are some more pictures of Kona that we wanted to share with you!

Why Kona is Important to Wave:

Without Kona, our healthy soda company wouldn’t have all the fun noises it has! He helps us make our healthy soda alternative be the best it can be. All of his snuggles motivate us to make a better uplifting soda. He makes our sparkling water company so much more fun!