Meet Cucumber, Your New Best Friend

Did you know that cucumbers are actually a fruit? Neither did I. Mind sort of blown… But as it turns out, that is one of the least interesting things about these yummy mother-fruiters. I mean, just thought they were a nice little salad topping, but in reality those babies are the antidote to just about a billion problems. Let’s take a closer look at our little friends, shall we?

Can I get you a glass of water?

Or…. a serving of cucumber? Cucumbers are over 95% water. So add them to your diet whenever possible to help in the fight against dehydration!

We love your heart and so should you!

Cukes are high in potassium. Potassium is proven to lower blood pressure and is believed to keep stroke and cardiovascular problems at bay. 


Cucumbers keep great company. Like our pal fiestin, an anti-inflammatory that makes sure our brains keep acting right as we age. It has even been mentioned that it might stave off diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Jamie Lee Curtis, would you please stand up?

They have loads of fiber which means they keep you regular, guys. You know what I’m saying. With high fiber and low calories, they’re also a great option for weight management.

Botox? No, I just eat a lot of cucumbers.

Cucumber is used in tons of moisturizers, cleansers and masks because of their anti-wrinkle properties. They have been proven to help protect the skin from signs of aging. Yes, please.

Hey Popeye… Spinach is old news.

Cucumbers are loaded with vitamin K which is great for your bones. One cup has over 20% of the recommended daily intake. Now, look. We don’t expect you to be crushing cup after cup of cucumber. So here’s an idea… why don’t you drink it! Cucumber Wave is 85% soda water and 15% cucumber juice. It’s hydrating, refreshing, and caffeinated (42mg to be exact!). With no sugar added, 15 calories per can and all those health benefits, I’m not sure why we aren’t all drinking Cucumber Wave all day long. So, why don’t we start. Get you a case here. You’re welcome!