Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie- Zen Guru

Charlie is our resident Zen Guru!

He is a very relaxed 10 year old pup (he’s going to live forever) whose favorite activities are going on walks and taking naps. When he’s not doing his two favorite things, he’s playing with his favorite toy, a blue monkey called Blue! 

If you give him chicken chips (the only kind of treat he eats; he’s picky), he’ll sit and give you a paw! You can either tell him to ‘sit’ or ‘sitta’ and he’ll know what to do, because he is bilingual! He understands both English and Swedish. A fun fact about Charlie is that he’s traveled to over EIGHT different countries! He’s a true world traveler! 

Here are some more pictures of Charlie that Victoria wanted to share with you!

Why Charlie is Important to Wave:
Wave Soda couldn’t build a healthy soda alternative without our pups, especially Charlie! He keeps us chill while we’re politely caffeinated from our natural sodas. His chill vibes remind us to take a moment to appreciate our healthy soda.