Making Lunch with Hipster Girl

“Art begets art,” says the hipster, quoting Susan Vreeland with a distinct monotone and a bored look on her face. “…And good food begets energy…”

Does the hipster have a pretentious approach? Certainly. Is she right? No doubt.

You know that sleepy dread that comes over you when you realize you just consumed a baby-sized steak burrito for lunch and you still have four hours of work before you get to go glue yourself to your couch? Oh yes, my friends. We have all fallen victim to the mid-day slump. But we need not sacrifice our yummy, yummy goodness for the sake of productivity. Here are a few of Hipster Girl’s favorite pick-me-up lunches that will leave you fat and happy (in the figurative sense) and full of energy thanks to natural ingredients and no preservatives from the food to the healthy sodas!

Avo Toast with Sweet Corn and Sriracha // Tangerine Wave

Avocado toast is Miss Healthy Hipster’s holy grail! And as much as we want to blame her… we can’t blame her. Avo toast hits the spot every single time.

Mash a whole avocado, squeeze in some lemon and spread it on a piece of toast. (I prefer grilled ciabatta!) Put a healthy sized scoop of sweet corn on top, a sriracha drizzle and a sprinkle of himalayan salt. Quick, easy, less than 500 calories, sweet, salty, spicy, fatty and filling. Need I say more? Oh, I’m sure not, but I will. Pair this perfect, light lunch with a Tangerine Wave for an extra caffeine boost sans the coffee heartburn.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Home Fries // Cucumber Wave

I said burrito. Now we’re all in the mood for mexican. How about a little burrito-inspired veggie hash? Take your biggest pan and throw in some olive oil, garlic and sliced red onion. Let it cook on low heat. Voila! Your house already smells like your a killer chef. Once that cooks down throw in some cubed sweet potato. (A pound should do! You might even get a few lunches out of it.) Spice it up with salt, pepper and chili powder. Cook, cook, cook and once your sweet potatoes are nice and soft, add in your rinsed and drained black beans. That’s it! You’re done! You can eat your hash as is, wrap it in a whole-wheat tortilla with some sour cream and avocado or spoon it over quinoa. Sip a nice, sparkling Cucumber Wave with it. A little lunchtime fiesta in your mouth.

Chunky Greek Salad // Grapefruit Wave

My go-to lunch… I mean Hipster Girl’s go to lunch… Ah, screw it. The jig is up. Hipster girl is me. It’s been me this whole time. My favorite, energy-inducing lunch is a quick, tasty revamp of the classic greek salad. Chop half a red onion, 10 cherry tomatoes and a half cucumber into bite sized pieces. Put it in a tupperware or a mason jar and sprinkle in your favorite feta, drizzle on some olive oil and apple cider vinegar, and salt and pepper it to taste. If carbs are your thing, grill a whole wheat pita (You’ll want it to soak up all the dressing and cheese and the end!) A tart, Grapefruit Wave goes great with this sweet, acidic salad.