Love Garlic? Discover 5 Health Benefits The Spice Offers


Garlic, in my opinion, is one of the best spices to cook with. It brings dishes lots of flavor and goes great in just about anything. 

Turns out, it's actually quite good for your health too!

Today Wave Soda brings you the low down about garlic, and why you should

implement it into your diet! 

Stronger Immunity

Garlic contains a high percentage of compounds that your immune system uses to keep on high alert to quickly find and destroy outside invaders. 

Fun fact: according to a study done at a university in Western Australia, subjects who took a daily garlic pill were 3x less likely to catch a common cold than those in the placebo group. 

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Reduces Inflammation

Cloves contain four sulphuric compounds that are anti-inflammatory agents. These agents offer huge health benefits to reduce physical damage caused by stress and pollution. They also aid in quicker recovery post exercise. 

Scare Away Insects

Boy do I wish I knew this fact sooner!

The acrid smell that seeps from your pores after consuming garlic can cause mosquitos and other biting bugs to keep their distance. 

Now you can enjoy a late night, cucumber soda in peace!

Better Heart Health

If you catch our blog regularly, then you have already gotten healthy heart tips from your favorite healthy soda

Well, here's another. Eat more garlic!

Allicin, which is found in garlic, gets broken down into compounds that react with red blood cells to produce hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide relaxes blood vessels and keeps your heart from having to pump so hard.

Avoid Food Poisoning

Powerful anti-bacterial properties are found in garlic. Researchers found that one property specifically, diallyl sulphide, is 100x more effective at wiping out bacteria, than two other commonly used antibiotics. 

Wash It Down With Wave

Whatever your next cooking adventure, be sure to toss in some extra garlic and have some flavored sparkling water nearby to refresh! 

Happy cooking!