Looking For A Calming Tea? Use These Tips First


Tea definitely has a reputation of being relaxing and zen, but did you realize a lot of tea actually has caffeine in it?

At Wave Soda we enjoy caffeine as much as the next guy, but we also know that sometimes it's best to stay away from it. That's why we created our caffeine-free apple soda. 

Today we are bringing you a guide to finding and picking out a calming tea that works best for you. 

Try Herbal "Teas" 

group of soda cans sitting in a cooler with a hand holding a blueberry soda

Herbal teas aren't actually made from tea leaves. This type of tea is produced by the infusion of herbs, spices, other plant materials, and water. 

This means that herbal teas are they only kind of teas that can actually be 100% caffeine free. If you are wanting a tea to calm and relax you, it's best to choose one with no caffeine. 

Save the caffeinated tea for the morning when you are needing a pick me up, or you could just have some of our fruit soda soft drink!

How Are You Feeling?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Have an upset stomach? Feeling restless?

There are teas for all these scenarios. 

Certain herbs have been used throughout history to cure various issues or ailments. Do some research and discover what the best calming tea is for your specific situation. 

A Quick Guide

Some days you just don't have time to look up different tea remedies, so we

see through mug holding yellow and green tea leaves

made a list below of a few calming teas and how they can help.

  • try chamomile tea to help you sleep
  • try ginger tea to cure nausea
  • try lavender tea for help anxiety and depression
  • try rooibos tea to boost your antioxidant levels 
  • try turmeric tea to ease arthritis pain 

When it comes to tea, the healing properties are endless. If you are wondering if there is a tea that can help you, there probably is! 

Mix It Up

Why does our Wave Soda team love calming tea so much? 

Because it's always nice to have healthy drink options.

That's why we love our natural soda--it offers another healthy alternative for those who want to kick sugar and other artificial ingredients.