Let Us Crash Your Party With the Ultimate Summer Playlist

Nothing kills a party quicker than a bad playlist.

Well… that’s not entirely true, I suppose. One time I accidentally bought 6 bottles of non-alcoholic wine for a dinner party I was hosting and man, was that a downer. But bad music is definitely a close second to no booze.

Summer is just around the corner and your friends at Wave don’t want you to make either of those rookie mistakes. Whether you’re hanging by the pool, chilling on the beach or having a kick back at your friend’s house, we have made the perfect summer playlist to keep the party *super* vibey and a cocktail list that is sure to keep all your homies happy.

I mean, we didn’t mean to invite ourselves to your next bash, by any means. But like, do you have any other party guests offering up over an hour of straight bops and three boozy recipes that are going to make all your friends think you missed your calling as a bartender? Didn’t think so.  So call up Wave, let’s whip up some fruity and fizzy cocktails, turn the music up and get this party started.