Kidney Health: 3 Ways To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy With Water


Today is World Kidney Day 2021 and we feel it's a perfect opportunity to talk about kidney health. 

I don't think I'm alone when I say I don't think about my kidneys much. Well, that's going to change!

Today our Wave Soda Blog is going to discuss the importance of kidney health and how you can keep your kidneys healthy with our sparkling water

Why It's Important To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Your kidneys have a handful of very important jobs that aid in proper body functioning. Consider the following duties the kidneys have:

  • Removing waste and extra fluid from your body
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Making red blood cells
  • Keeping bones healthy
  • Controlling pH levels


You can keep your kidneys healthy and functioning properly in a few different ways, including drinking the right amounts of water. 

Follow along with the next section as we discover the importance of drinking water and how our flavored sparkling water can help. 

3 Ways To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy With Water

One of the biggest determining factors of kidney health is a persons' water intake. 

Let's dive into 3 ways that you can keep your kidneys healthy with water.

1. Drink What You Need

world kidney day 2021 kidney health

What we mean is this--make sure you know how much water you actually need to be drinking each day. Every person is different and even though there is a general suggestion of water intake, it can change for each person. 

You may be drinking four of our happy sodas each day, when really you should be drinking six. Or vice versa!

2. Your Urine Can Reveal A Lot

It may be uncomfortable for some to speak about urine, but it's a great indicator of whether or not you are getting enough fluids each day. 

Yes, I said fluids! Water is a great way to stay hydrated, but you can also achieve the proper fluid intake by drinking other healthy fluids like our sparkling juice

3. Water Helps Prevents Kidney Stones And UTIs

Kidney stones and UTIs are common conditions that hurt the kidneys and require essential hydration. 

Proper hydration helps the body maintain sufficient water and cuts back on the 

man holding wave soda

possibility of kidney stones forming. 

Drinking enough water also helps produce more urine which flushes out infection-causing bacteria.

The Take-Aways

The main Wave Soda take-aways are these: 

Do research to discover how much water you need to drink each day

Take notice of the color and odor of your urine to determine if you are getting proper amounts of healthy fluids

Water can cut back on kidney stones and UTIs

Plain water can get boring, which is why we created a flavored sparkling water

Created with 85% soda water and 15% fruit juice, it is an unsweetened soda that you can sip on guilt-free and it will help you get proper amounts of hydration!