Is Carbonation Bad for You- Debunking the Myth

First they came for our soda and I did not speak out – because I did not drink soda. Then they came for our carbonated water and I said, “Oh, hell no.”


It’s a pretty typical story, really. Human falls in love with something. Society embraces it. A collective of health professionals do research and find that… well sorry, that’ll kill ya! And I was cool with saying goodbye to this and to that. It was good information to have! I was a healthy queen! But when they said carbonated water could be bad for me? Bad for my bones, they said? For my teeth? I couldn’t bear it.


These vicious rumours spread like wildfire! And I, the eternal soda water drinker was in shambles. I had to do something. And so… I googled. 


Let's Get To The Truth

Turns out, the rumors aren't true. But I don’t expect you to take my word for it. So how about a little Q&A!


You: So, carbonated water is just…?

Me: Water and pressurized carbon dioxide, yup. Also goes by soda water, seltzer water, club soda and sparkling water. 


You: I heard that carbonated water is acidic. Please explain. 

Me: Indeed! When the gas is introduced to water, there is a chemical reaction that produces carbonic acid. It’s a weak little acid that triggers that delightful tingly, prickling in your mouth.


You: Drinking acid… doesn’t sound super healthy. What up with that?

Me: Well, if you’re worried about your Ph and all that good stuff, don’t. Your lungs and kidneys will remove any excess carbon dioxide from your blood and keep you alkaline no matter what you eat or drink! Isn’t that nice of those little sweeties?


You: Ok, ok. But you mentioned carbonated water being bad for your teeth and then you mentioned acid. Isn’t the acid bad for like, enamel or whatever?

Me: As it turns out, carbonated water only affects enamel slightly more than regular water. The trouble, some studies found, isn’t with the bubbles but with the substantial amount of sugar added to most carbonated beverages. Regular old seltzer seems to be just fine for you! 


You: Things are looking up! I remember bones being a part of the conversation?

Me: This, again, is all soda’s fault. A large study found that it wasn’t the carbonation, but rather the high levels of phosphorus in cola that was affecting bone health. Other studies that might have linked carbonation to bone health found that people were substituting carbonated drinks for milk, and the issues could be blamed on a lack of calcium rather than the acid in soda water. 


You: So burpy, though. You sure my digestion is cool with it?

Me: Let ‘em rip. Carbonated water isn’t just not bad for your digestion. The collective ‘they’ are saying it might even be beneficial! It has been linked to increased swallowing ability, and relieving constipation and upset stomach! 


So, my inquisitive acquaintances, what I’m trying to say is that there are a whole lot of things we should probably change to lead healthier lives but I am proud to announce that drinking carbonated drinks (as long as they aren’t sugary!) isn’t one of them. 


Now go enjoy your Wave Soda.