Improve Your Health & Fitness With These Incredible Apps

Do you feel it's true that there truly is an app for everything?? 

The possibilities are endless with a phone in your hand!

Take the Wave Soda App, for example. 

Instead of logging on to your computer, typing in the URL, finding your favorite healthy soda, adding it to the cart--I can't even finish, I'm exhausted already! I wouldn't be if I had just used our easy-to-use Wave Soda App

If you're a lover of apps, keep reading to learn about our favorite health and fitness ones!

Best For Calorie Counting: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an easy to use and straightforward app to keep track of what you are eating and how much. 

I was a little wary before using MyFitnessPal because it seemed like a lot of work to constantly be logging all my meals and drinks, but their bar code scanner and search feature take all of the hassle out of it! 

Best For Making Indoor Training Fun: Zwift

I wish I knew about this app when Covid first hit because I could've been using it this whole time! 

Zwift blends your love for video games with fitness training!

As you get in shape you level up in the app and can share your progress with the Zwift community. 

Best For Posting Your Activity On Social Media: Relive

Were in a digitally-centered world, we may as well embrace it!

Social media is great for sharing tips, tricks, and progress with other people and it has been proven to create strong community bonds. 

If you follow Wave Soda on Instagram, or like our Facebook Page, you know exactly what I am talking about. 

Relive allows people who love fitness and the outdoors to share workouts with each other. 

On the app you can find (or share) incredible hiking locations, or fun running routes!

Get Moving!

Countless studies have shown just how significant exercising is for the brain and body. 

Maybe you're not big into working out, but even getting outside for a short walk can be beneficial!

Just always make sure to bring along some Wave Soda to stay hydrated!