Improve Your Gut Health With These Foods


Last week our Wave Soda blog investigated the link between gut health and mental health. 

This week our sparkling water brand is bringing you suggestions for foods to add into your diet to improve gut health and improve your overall health and wellness. 

Life (and your diet) Is All About Balance

As a sparkling water, natural soda, fruit juice concentrate drink, we know all

about balance. I mean, we are three different things at once! 

Your gut functions best when there is a balance of healthy foods and drinks being consumed. 

Questions to ask yourself when planning your diet:

Do I have enough energy producing foods?

Am I consuming enough proteins?

Am I consuming enough fresh fruits and veggies?

It helps to split your plate into three sections. Half of your plate should be vegetables (or fruits and vegetables), a quarter of protein and a quarter of carbohydrates. 

This combination is a happy balance of food groups that will promote positive gut health! 

Probiotic Or Prebiotic?

Balance, people! 

A sweet harmony of the two is exactly what your body needs. Think about adding one of each to your meals/your day. 

Unsure which is which? 

The following is a list of probiotic foods:

  • yogurt
  • kefir
  • kombucha


Prebiotic foods are anything with fiber. Consider the following:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • wholegrains


It's kind of like when you first try Wave Soda and you think, "Man, seven different flavors, how will I manage all this delicious, unsweetened soda?!", and then you remember, "balance!", and plan to drink a new soda every day so that each day of the week includes a tasty, healthy soda surprise! 

Oh, is that just me? It's so hard to choose between Mango Soda and Apple Soda, guys. 

Thanks for reading another Wave Soda blog!

Remember, it's all about the balance :)