I Don't Like Soda Water, So Why Would I Like Wave Soda?

You are not alone!

Listen, soda water is just not a good time. That's the truth to it. (Or my truth at least.)

I think I can safely assume that a large majority of us have experienced the deceit and betrayal of the common soda machine. You grab your drink cup, maybe drop in lemon if you're feeling extra health conscious today, and pump that beautifully chilled water right in. You're so excited to take that first cool sip and BAM. Soda water. Yuck! The fizz, the taste, honestly every bit of it is beverage ruining. 

Friends, it doesn't have to be this way! Keep reading and you will see why Wave Soda can save fizzy water's reputation once and for all. 


The Fizz Factor

never drank sparkling water or soda water because of the carbonation. To be completely honest, it seemed confusing. Why would I want my water to be carbonated? All it took was one sip of Wave and I was converted.

Wave Soda's perfect balance of 85% sparkling water and 15% fruit juice produces a lightly fizzed, refreshingly fruity and uplifting drink that boosts your mood and your spirits. 


The Taste

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the absolutely delightful taste of all seven fruity flavors of Wave Soda. All of the flavor in our drinks comes from fruit juice concentrate, which allows you to enjoy a sweet and satisfying soda without worrying about what you're putting into your body. If you enjoy a little fruit in your water from time to time, this is like that but like fifty times better. 


The Polite Caffeination

When I was growing up my best friend's mom always drank Coke. Not nearly as much as our founder and CEO, Nat Noone, used to, but enough that I knew she couldn't drink any at dinner or she would never sleep at night.

The beauty of Wave Soda is that it really is made for everyone. The fact that our natural sodas are politely caffeinated with 42 mg per can, means that you can enjoy a few during the day (or evening) and not worry that the caffeine will keep you up late into the night. 


Why Not Give It a Try?

Life is short, so you really have nothing to lose here. 

Whether you are a soda water lover or it makes you gag, Wave Soda is something everyone can enjoy. 

With our seven unique and refreshing flavors you may just find that fizzy water is your new favorite drink!