How To Set Purposeful Nutrition Goals


As we tackle another day in this new year, we are up against more challenges that may have us reconsidering our refreshing resolutions. 

That's where today's Wave Soda Blog post comes in!

Today we are offering yet another "how to" on setting goals. This time we will focus on nutrition goals and discuss some helpful tools on achieving nutritional health.

Define You "Why"

It is a very common mistake to not discover your "why" before setting a goal and this can lead to a lack of motivation, discipline and eventually cause you to not meet your goal at all. 

When Nat Noone first came up with the idea of Wave Soda, he had a very specific "why". He was drinking too many sugary sodas and it was negatively affecting his health. He realized there was no healthy soda alternative on the market and he was inspired to do something about it! Nat said goodbye sugary soda and hello health and wellness!

When focusing on nutrition and creating a healthier lifestyle, what is the why behind it?

Do you have any serious health issues that need attention?

Are you looking to lose weight? Gain muscle mass?

Do you have an allergy or sensitivity to certain foods?

Define your "why" for making a nutritional goal and write it down. This will help you to stay disciplined and remind you on the hard days why you started in the first place. 

Are You Actually Hungry?

This may seem silly, but it can be a very important question when setting nutritional goals. 

The best way to determine if you are truly hungry or maybe feeling something else, is to keep track of how often you're eating and what you are eating. 

If you find you are mindlessly snacking throughout the day, it may be that you are answering to an emotional feeling rather than a physical need for food. 

Getting in touch with your hunger cues is another great way to set nutrition goals. After participating in something active, you may notice you feel hungry. This makes sense, since you just expended energy and lost calories. 

Whereas, if you just ate a meal and now you are having cravings for something sweet, it could simply be a sugar craving and something you should ignore. When you have this feeling, consider grabbing a flavored sparkling water to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your nutrition goals. 

It's A Process

Arguably the most important tip of them all is to remember that nutrition is a process. You will not see results over night. And it is okay that you are not an expert. It's all about starting somewhere!

Cut yourself some slack and remember it will take time to get into a routine and actually feel better mentally and physically from the nutritional changes. 

If one of your major nutrition based goals is to cut back on sugar, our unsweetened soda is a great option. 

Made with 85% sparkling water and 15% fruit juice, it still offers a subtle sweet flavor, but without any added sugars or artificial ingredients. Consider finding other healthy substitutes for your favorite meal or snacks. 

This way you are still satisfying your hunger, but not ignoring your nutrition goals. 

You got this!