How to Manage Fitness Goals and Your New Relationship

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a budding new romance. When we meet someone and it’s good, I mean really good, we become much more whimsical versions of ourselves.

For some it’s hard to think of much else. Others just can’t stop bringing up their potential new S/O  in casual conversation with their friends. And for most of us, proper sleep and diet seems to fall by the wayside. And, sure! It can be wonderful to be caught up in the whirlwind of late night drinks and lovely dinners and freshly baked treats…for a while. But eventually your body will start yelling for a salad. And when it does, here are some tips for bringing your dating life down to earth a little, without messing with the ~vibe~.

Meet me for…

Did you think I was going to say cocktails? Nope! Instead, try meeting for coffee or kava. Meeting for drinks can be sexy, but meeting for coffee can be intimate. A couple of cocktails or glasses of wine could put you way further back in the calorie department than you could afford for the day. But with coffee, things are simple. A cup of black coffee is just 5 calories. Plus, you look, like, totally artsy fartsy and cool with just a straight up cup o’ joe. If that’s not for you and, quite frankly, your nerves could use the buzz, find the nearest kava bar. There is something very romantic about snuggling up in a well cushioned corner, playing a board game and laughing as you get your plant-based buzz on.  

Go Out to Dinner, If You Like!

And order what you like, too! But when you do, just try to make good decisions leading up to dinner. Get in a morning workout, if you can. Eat a light lunch and drink lots of water throughout the day. Then you can eat well with your hunnie, guilt (and heartburn) free!

And Then There’s the Alternative…

Cooking for your new boo! It’s always healthier to eat at home when you can control exactly what goes into your meal. Have them over and cook something special, but healthy! When my partner and I first got together, we found it fun to spend Sundays meal prepping together! We would have a glass of wine, talk and cook healthy meals for the upcoming week. 

Keep Them on Their Toes

Or at least their feet. I’m definitely not talking about playing mind-games… but maybe the physical kind? Laying on the couch and snuggling is one of the best things about getting comfortable around your new boo. But that can be a slippery slope. Keep things exciting by asking them out for a little day trip to the nearest hiking spot. Invite them to acro-yoga, for a bike ride through the park, or if that doesn’t sound like you… check this list! Keep your bodies moving along, and your new relationship too!