How To Know If The Ketogenic Diet Is Right For You?


It can be fairly hard to start a diet, especially if you have never done one or you are not entirely informed of what you are getting yourself into. 

Check out our healthy soda blog today to learn about the low-carb diet and determine if the ketogenic diet is right for you. 

Low-Carb Living

Hearing the term "low-carb" can be a huge turn off if you are a bread or pasta

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lover, but not all good things have excessive amounts of carbohydrates. 

Take our natural soda for instance! Only 2-6g of sugar, 15-25 calories, and 6g of carbs. Wave Soda is definitely a case of "less is more". Less artificial and unhealthy ingredients, more delicious keto soda flavor. 

The keto diet plan is often called the caveman diet because it mimics the diet that cavemen used to have. All natural food items that could be hunted or gathered. This creates a diet in which you are decreasing your carb intake and mostly eating proteins and fats.

The thing about the ketogenic diet is that even though it is a low-carb diet, you don't have to sacrifice flavor or taste if you are doing it right. 

Benefits of Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by high ketone levels. This occurs naturally when glucose levels are low, like what happens on low-carb or fasting diets. Ketosis provides an additional energy source for the brain in the form of ketones. 

So what kind of benefits does the ketogenic diet produce? Let's explore below. 

  • Boosts body-fat loss
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces gut inflammation 


If you have followed along with any of our sparkling juice blogs, you know that gut health is incredibly important and is linked to mental health. Check out the Wave Soda Blog page for keto meal plans and other clean eating recipes. 

Our Favorite Keto Diet Recipes

You may still be on the fence about trying the ketogenic diet plan, which is totally

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okay! One great thing to know, is that our unsweetened soda is considered a keto drink, which means you can still have it! 

The recipes below are also keto-friendly and pair deliciously with any Wave Soda Variety!


Whether you plan on going keto or not, these meals above sound tasty, don't they?!

Thanks for reading another blog brought to you by our keto soda! You can purchase any of our seven keto drinks on our website, or at a local store. 

Happy dieting!