A "How To" Guide For Celebrating National Stress Awareness Day


Whew, National Stress Awareness Day couldn't come at a better moment. 

Our Wave Soda team knows how trying times have been lately so we wanted to bring you a "How To" guide on ways to de-stress and bring some more tranquility to your life. 

How Do I Know If I Am Stressed?

There are plenty of common ideas of what stress looks like and a lot of them hold true. 

Although, there are a few other indicators of stress that you might not be aware of. 

The following is a list of ways stress might show on your body: 

- headache

- muscle pain or tension 

- chest pain

- fatigue

- upset stomach

- issues with sleep

Stress can also show up with changes to one's mood. Consider the following symptoms: 

- anxiety

- restlessness

- lack of motivation or focus

- feeling overwhelmed

- irritability or anger

- sadness or depression

The above signs and symptoms may all seem fairly straightforward, but practicing stress awareness means exploring all stress signals. 

The following is a list of behaviors that can indicate stress:

- overeating or undereating

- angry outbursts

- drug or alcohol misuse

- tobacco use

- social withdrawal

- decrease in exercise

Combatting Stress

Okay, wow! There are a lot of different ways that stress can show up. 

Here at Wave Soda, we feel that seeking stress awareness allows one to deal with it better when it comes!

So we made another list, this time a happier one, that demonstrates some ways one can manage stress. 

Getting regular physical activity

Practice relaxation techniques such as, deep breathing, mediation or yoga

Spending quality time with loved ones

Setting aside time for hobbies like, reading a book or listening to music

Our happy customers might also suggest enjoying some of our sparkling fruit soda for a refreshing and relaxing mid-day pick me up!