How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

The smell of jasmine is in the air. Or honeysuckle or lilacs… wherever in the world you might be.

The sun kisses your shoulders, your cheeks your collarbones, leaving a loving trail of tingles in its wake. The days are getting gloriously longer and the clothes are getting blissfully skimpier… and yet…. You feel like crap. What the funk is up with that?

You’re in a funk right now. But you know what? Sometimes your mood just doesn’t care that the rest of the world seems to be getting in the summer state of mind. That’s totally okay. But when you’re good and ready to pull yourself out of the gloom, here is exactly what you should do.

Ignore em’

I’m talking ‘bout all the people who would try and make you feel badly for feeling badly. And sometimes you even have to ignore the good intentioned friends and family who try to remind you of all the good things you’ve got. Because we all know they mean well, but we also know that it just makes us feel guilty. We know you have a lot to be grateful for! But we don’t feel great at the moment… So, ignore the commentary for now. You’re allowed to feel blue sometimes, and internal pressure certainly doesn’t help when you’re trying to get back to your sunny disposition. So when your ready to move on, put on some headphones and…

Move ya body

Any old way will do, really! Walking, dancing, yoga. Punching a pillow perhaps? When you’re moping it’s not easy to get moving. Especially because, as they say, we hold our issues in our tissues. When your head or your heart is all tied in knots, so is your body. But getting your blood flowing works it out and, not to mention those endorphins! After you bust a little sweat…

Eat your feelings

But, like, in the good way! When we feel down we tend to eat heavy or unhealthy foods. It may feel good for a minute, but ultimately we’re left more sluggish than before. Give your body the nutrients it’s really craving instead. Plus, if you feed your body something fresh and light and from the earth, your body will manifest that energy too! (We highly suggest adding a Wave Soda to your healthy meal! It’s a mood lifter 😊)

Visit ya mama

I’m talking Mama Earth. I know you’ve been hearing it since the time you were a kid. It was annoying then and it’s probably still annoying now. But it has always been true… Fresh air will do you good. Sometimes we get a little wonky because we are surrounded by concrete and steel and going from home to office and back again when really our bodies are meant to be outside, ruled by the sun and the moon. We’re meant to imagine and socialize and move! And yet we sit still and look at screens. So lay in the grass, sit on the beach, climb a tree. Get back to your roots, whatever way you can.

Try something new

I’m a Gemini who struggles with flitting from one thing to the next. So routine (as long as it’s on my terms!) has always been good for me. I try to keep to one as much as I can. But whenever I start to feel a little like my soul has been sucked out of me, I go find something new to try. Maybe it’s as simple as a new food or drink. Maybe it’s walking down a street you’ve never been down, talking to stranger, visiting a new city or picking up a hobby you’ve always been curious about. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as its new to you. All you need to reignite your enthusiasm for life is a little reminder that there is so much you have yet to discover.