How to Beat the Dreaded Mid-Day Slump

Here at Wave, we know how to do mornings right. (Check out this morning routine if you feel like yours needs an itty bitty makeover.)

We’re talking about leaving the house hydrated, stretched, grounded and optimistic — the perfect combination for a productive morning! Because, with a stacked hand like that, there’s no doubt that you are checking thing after thing off that to-do list. Your inbox is at zero, your boss is pleased with you and you haven’t sent one single meme to your BFF group chat. You. Are. Thriving.


…Then lunch happens. And man, if your life were a line graph, your little guy would be taking a pretty serious nose dive. Or maybe you took an actual nose dive and are full blown face planted at your desk, silently scolding yourself for that massive burrito.  But have no fear! Not only does Wave do morning right, but we also know all the right tricks for saying ‘not today’ to that big, bad mid day slump.

Eat a Light Lunch

I know that when the team is ordering Chinese, its damn near impossible to turn down some pork dumplings and sweet and sour chicken (with fried rice, duh.) But friend, you gotta. Don’t get me wrong, a big heavy meal like that is amazing! But as they say, timing is everything. Save all those carbs and heavy meats for when you can cuddle up on the couch. Instead, opt for a vegetable heavy meal and a smoothie for desert. It gives your brain the things its craving without all the bloating and crashing. 

Avoid Social Media

“Lunch break is my ME time. So, Wave Blogger Woman, I can scroll if I want to.” Social media apps can feel like the small, mindless break we need after a long morning of productivity. But once you open that door and step inside the minds of all your friends and acquaintances, it’s hard to walk back out and close it behind you. Instagram and Twitter are designed to pull you back in and keep you scrolling. So instead of falling down the rabbit hole, bring a good novel or a coloring book to keep at your desk. If you need a little social, call a friend! Send some texts! But.. Do. Not. Scroll.

Get Outside and Move.

Maybe you have a park close by. Take a ride over with your yoga mat and do a couple sequences in the grass. If you don’t just take a brisk walk outside to the nearest bench, sit down and soak up a little vitamin D. Fresh air, sunshine and getting your blood flowing is the perfect pick me up to carry you through those final hours. 

Hydrate MORE

Hydration is life, homies, and it keeps all the bad stuff away. Including the mid-day blues. Pro tip: I keep a big, insulated Takeya water bottle by me, as well as an 8oz glass, and keep track of my water consumption on the My Plate app. Drinking water keeps you alert, awake and less hungry do you don’t snack on those break room donuts and give yourself the sugar snoozies. Extra pro tip: Keep a couple Wave Sodas close by. With 85% water, 15% real fruit juice and a nice little caffeine pick me up, you get the hydration with an extra boost and no coffee crashes!