How Do You Compare To Diet Sodas?

How Do You Compare To Diet Sodas?

We have two similarities with diet sodas; we both have 42mg of caffeine and we call ourselves soda.

Other than that, we could not be more different… in the best way!

We don’t ever add any sugars or other artificial sweeteners to our sodas. That’s because we don’t have to! Our natural sodas are perfect on their own! Being made of 85% sparkling water, 15% fruit juice, and politely caffeinated; our healthy soda alternatives are much better for you than all of those diet sodas.

We are redefining soda to be a healthy soda alternative with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Our fun drink is a refreshing soda that is the best tasting soda out there. Try our uplifting soda and wee why we call ourselves simply soda.

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