How Blackberries Are Working to Make you Healthier

For a long time, herbal medicine used to be the only option. Then, somewhere along the line, science came to town and most people rallied around it, and in the same breath, turned up their noses at the ways of old.

And still, herbal medicine is a joke to many people. They scoff at the idea that plants could heal their ailments! But in recent years, as people have started to become a little wary of big pharma, herbal remedies have made a comeback. We’re coming into a time where people want to be more knowledgeable about what they are putting on and in their bodies, and the push for au natural is getting stronger and stronger.

The Truth About Blackberries

 There are some plants we have grown up knowing about their healing properties, like aloe vera or tea tree oil. But what about blackberries? Ever think of them as more than a good summer treat or a nice way to spice up your glass of bourbon? Historically, the bramble has been a huge part of british folk medicine. But science has since made it more than just a wives tale.

 Every part of the blackberry has healing properties. The root, for example has long been used for dysentery. Making a tea from the root has also been proven to help women suffering from menstrual or labor pain.

 In many parts of the world the leaves are still poulticed and applied to abscesses and skin ulcers. Studies have shown that a tincture from the leaves of a blackberry bush can even be helpful in keeping diabetes in check,

 The fruit and juice of blackberries are known for treating anemia and most impressively have been labeled as anti-cancer.

“As they contain antioxidants, they are known to destroy the free radicals that harm cells and can lead to cancer. They also help protect and strengthen the immunity, which lowers the risk of cancer. They are especially helpful when it comes to reducing the risk of esophageal, cervical, and breast cancer.” (NCBI)


Plants, common and uncommon, can protect our bodies and even help us heal from illness and infection. Even something as common as a blackberry! So, I don’t know what you’re waiting for… Get to pounding some Blackberry Wave Sodas and let all those vitamins and antioxidants work their herbal, witchy magic on your bodies now!