3 Healthy Drinks You Should Start Drinking

Have you been searching for health-conscious alternatives to sugary sodas or sports drinks?

Well, look no further because at Wave Soda we are known for our healthy soda products! 

Keep reading to find out why so many people love our all-natural soda and see what other drinks we recommend. 

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Kick That Sugary Soda Addiction With These 3 Drinks

In a recent blog post, we discussed the negative health effects that sugar has on the body.

One of the main reasons our founder Nat Noone created Wave Soda is because he saw a need in the market for a healthy soda alternative.

From that stroke of genius was born the refreshingly delicious Wave Soda. 

Wave Soda

First up on the list is yours truly. 

Here are some quick stats on our soda:

  • Our soda is 100% natural--that means no additives and no ingredients you can't pronounce
  • All of our soda contains 15-25 calories per can
  • Each of our sodas contain 2-6 g of sugar per can
  • Our soda is infused with 42 mg of caffeine for a gentle buzz
  • We have 7 different tasty fruit flavors for your enjoyment--all made from fruit juice concentrate (so you know it's real!)


Now that's just the objective reasons why our sparkling juice drink is a healthy alternative to regular soda. 

The subjective reasoning is for you to research on our website. 

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Health-Ade Kombucha

I'll admit, kombucha is not for everyone. 

However, this rockin' drink is made right here in California, with your health and tastebuds in mind. 

Here's why you should start drinking Health-Ade Kombucha:

  • It contains100% natural ingredients
  • Only 80 calories per bottle
  • 0g of fat and 0g of sodium
  • Only 14 grams of sugar per bottle


Check out their website to see some honest reviews and browse the 17 tasty flavors they offer. 

Vita Coconut Water

The last drink on our list today is coconut water!

Fun fact for any athletes reading this, coconut water is a great drink to have post-workout for hydration and nutrient replenishment. 

Alright, let's learn some facts about Vita:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains coconut water, sugar, and Vitamin C
  • 45 calories per serving 
  • 470 mg of potassium per serving
  • 11 g of sugar per serving


Vita Coconut water is great to drink at any time of the day for a boost of energy, workout recovery, or simply a chilled refreshment. 

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When we share information it creates awareness that we can all benefit from! 

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If you have any other healthy soda alternatives that you swear by, we'd be interested in hearing about them. 

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