Healthier Snacking For Working Professionals

The New Normal


As the remote working setup starts to become the new normal, working professionals should be able to bring home healthy work habits, too- snacking included. This is because it could be hard to control your snacking during work hours since the line between working and relaxation is so easily blurred. Here, we’ll give you our top healthy snacking tips for people who are working, especially in distressing times like these.

Don’t skip your meals

Since typical work schedules only permit you to eat the traditional way- breakfast, lunch, and dinner- it’s imperative that you don’t miss a meal when working from home. Other than giving you enough sustenance and energy so you can do your work with focus and vigor, eating healthy, hefty, and balanced meals will prevent you from over-snacking.

Besides that, researchers from Baltimore reported that meal skippers have a higher chance of developing harmful metabolic changes. These include higher fasting blood sugar levels and a slower insulin response- conditions that could persist for a long period of time and end up as a diabetes diagnosis.

To avoid skipping meals, find easy breakfast and lunch recipes that could be done in 30 minutes or less. Even better, plan your meals ahead and use your weekends as prep time. This way, you can maximize your breaks during work days.


Portion your snacks

It’s important to portion both your meals and snacks to avoid overconsumption. Researchers Koert van Ittersum and Brian Wansink found out that repackaging your food in smaller containers could decrease the calories you consume by up to 22%. If you’re buying snacks in larger packs or in bulk, try dividing it by its recommended daily serving size and repacking it into separate containers. For meals, you could achieve this effect by switching to smaller plates and filling it up with a balanced set of food items.

Avoid eating at your work desk

When it comes to healthier snacking, it’s not just what you eat; it’s also where you do it that matters. Try not to sit at your desk to eat while working — a habit that experts at Pain Free Working note can be detrimental to your health. That’s because you have to use your breaks to give your mind and body some respite from work. So, make sure you eat your lunch meals and break snacks at an area away from your desk, like a break room ⁠— or if you work from home, your dining table. This way, you can enjoy your food more mindfully.

Switch to healthier snacks

While it isn’t bad to indulge yourself from time to time, it’s best to get snacks that can provide you with the most nutrients and vitamins. Other than being a great source of nutrition on top of your meals, shifting to healthier snacks will actually allow you to snack more! If you’ve got cravings for sugar-filled soda, make the switch to our selection of naturally flavored fizzy drinks here at Wave. Or, if you need crunchy nibbles, try salted nuts. Rest assured, there’s always a guaranteed healthier alternative to your go-to snack.

Whether you're working from home, or from the office, snacks can be a great mood and productivity booster. So, feel free to munch on your favorite snacks while at work, as long as you keep things healthy and guilt-free.


Written by: Jocelle Blintt

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