Happy National Thrift Day!

Welcome back to another glorious work week and subsequently another smile-inducing blog from your favorite healthy soda brand, Wave Soda! 

According to my internet research today is National Thrift Day and since thrifting is one of my favorite activities I thought it was the perfect opportunity to chat about all things thrift. 

Thrifting Helps Mother Earth

At Wave Soda we are always educating ourselves on new ways to help the environment. Last week we featured a blog on our site about the negative aspects of plastic production and use. In that blog we suggested to our readers that they try and substitute other materials for plastic when they could.

art made entirely of waste

We also spoke on the subject of DIY creations and how they are not only empowering and honestly, really fun, but they benefit the environment by lessening waste that ends up in landfills. 

Thrifting works in the same way! Purchasing gently used items keeps our landfills emptier and Mother Earth's heart fuller. 

Okay, But I Can't Imagine Wearing Something Someone Else Has Already Worn!!

I know. I totally get it. It's one of those things that if you think too hard about you start to feel all itchy and gross in your own skin. Except, it doesn't have to be that way!!

There are a few thrift stores that we have all heard of before: Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Platos Closet. The thing is, there are so many more shops than this and tons that won't make you feel weird or uncomfortable! (TBH, I love all three of those stores. I find some absolute gems at the Goodwill near my house. One woman's trash is another woman's DIY cropped halter tank top). 

girl shopping through clothes rack

If you aren't sure and need a little more reassuring, check out some of the places on this cute little list I made below and my personal experience with them:

  • Poshmark (I know a legit MODEL who sells clothes that she wears on shoots ONCE, on this app)
  • Offer Up (My mom and I did a renovation of our entire backyard only using Offer Up items. I'm talking hammock, fire pit, patio chairs, even bricks!)
  • ReFind Off Main (AHH, this place is probably one of the CUTEST thrift stores I've been to. Full of trendy jackets, jeans, scarves, flannels, you name it)
  • Savacool and Sons (This place is thrifting mixed with antiques mixed with online auctions. I found a hat here that makes me look like Oliver Twist and I'm obsessed)
  • Sea Hive Marketplace ( Basically a thrifting mall full of different vendor booths. I got a ridiculously cool Beatles t-shirt and my partner bought an old film camera! I could spend housr here)

I could truly do this all day. Now I know it may seem that I'm probably just buzzing from the politely-caffeinated Wave Sodas I just drank, but that is not the case. 

Yes I do have a gentle buzz going that it totally helping me crush this blog, but I am genuinely that hyped up about thrifting. 

When we all do our part by taking simple steps towards sustainability for the environment, we can make a difference. 

Join our Wave Soda team today in celebrating National Thrift Day and loving on our dear Mother Earth :)