Forget Motivation, Try This For Your New Years Resolution


Many New Years resolutions are made, and many more are broken. 

Why is that?

Turns out, motivation is really hard to keep for an entire year. So let's throw it out the window!

Today, Wave Soda brings you a tip to help you stick to your goals this year and not lose momentum. 

Motivation Is Fleeting

Yup, I said it. I know you agree!

Motivation is so difficult to manage. You may not always like the resolution you are creating. It may not physically or mentally feel good at times. 

See, motivation is an emotion. Which means it comes and goes. 

What is something that doesn't come and go?

Our delicious and uplifting unsweetened soda, duh. 

Well, and besides that, discipline! Discipline is not fleeting and it is relatively simple to put into practice. 

Goals Need Discipline

In a matter of words, discipline means not giving yourself a choice. 

It's sticking to whatever resolution you have created, habit you're trying to kick, positive mentality you are creating. 

No matter how unappealing the feat may be, with discipline it can be achieved. 

Goals Are A Way Of Life

Instead of viewing your resolution or goal as a short term change, flip that thought and realize that your goal can be a lifetime thing. 

It's important to realize that keeping discipline around your goals can truly affect the entire trajectory of your life. 

Sort of like how New Wave Soda Founder Nat Noone stuck to his goals and ended up creating a flavored sparkling water