Flowers and Herbs in My Ice, Oh My!

I have always found that ‘details’ are the most beautiful part… of anything.

They are that little bit of extra thought. That thing that lets you know that someone cared. Someone was paying attention.  In this day and age, everyone wants the abbreviated version. Something skimmable and quickly digestible. But when you skim, when you only look at the bigger picture, you miss the details. But I believe that where the details are is where the love is at.

Few things say, “I’m paying attention to the details,” quite like floral/herbal ice cubes. This 10 minute project can quickly take the flavor profile of your your favorite cocktail or Wave Soda to the next level. Plus, these sweet little babies are sure to make you feel like the guest of honor at a super special garden party, no matter where or when you’re sipping.

Here’s how to make your own gorgeous and flavorful ice cubes in three easy steps!

What you’ll need:

  • Fresh herbs and flowers
  • An ice tray (Experiment with different shapes and sizes, depending on the drink or party theme!)
  •  Filtered water (If you’re feeling wild, you can always add a splash of lemon, lime or rosewater for an extra kick.)


First, decide what kind of ice cubes you’d like to make. Maybe you’re looking for a specific flavor, or perhaps you want to have some fun with it, throwing things in willy-nilly for a pretty and herbaceous melody. Either way, take your scissors outside and harvest! I found jasmine, orange poppies, chocolate mint, rosemary, and sage in our yard.


This is the fun part! Get your florist on a little and arrange the flowers and herbs to create the look you want.

Slowly and gently pour water over, adjusting leaves or petals so they fall how you like. Now pop them in the freezer, and wait 5-6 hours.

Pop and Enjoy

When they’re good and frozen, pop out your mini creations and enjoy! A few of our favorite herbal ice and Wave Soda combos are:

Tangerine with rosemary sage cubes

Cucumber with chocolate mint cubes

Grapefruit with jasmine cubes

Fizzy, floral, fruity, fun… and would you look at that. You’re one of those fine people who pay attention to the details. How lovely are you! 🙂