Everything’s Better with Bubbles

The early 2000s were a weird time, weren’t they? Trucker hats? Facebook ‘poke’ wars? Tanning-bed-body-stickers that gave teenage girls those creepy pale hearts on their hips? Bedazzling was also an unfortunate thing that happened. But… perhaps there was something to that last one… Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that we go full blown Justin and Britney circa 2001 American Music Awards. But sometimes things do just need a little sparkle.

Or a little fizz, if you will. Yes, my friends! I just went from J+B’s Denim-gate to carbonated drinks in one dad joke! But seriously, let’s talk drinks. Cause it’s summer. And it’s hot. 94 degrees here in New Orleans, to be exact! And it’s just a fact of life that things feel more refreshing when they’re effervescent. That’s why we want to take your favorite drinks and upgrade them with a little sparkle. Britney’s denim evening bag was good… but Britney’s denim evening bag with SPARKLES? Instant icon. Don’t your favorite things to sip on deserve the same fate?

The answer is yes. Yes, they do, Let’s begin the makeover.

Fizzy Fruit Smoothie
Oh, yeah. Did you just hear the game changing? It’s simple (and amazing). Just take some frozen leftover fruit, whatever alternative milk you love and a Wave Soda. Blend your fruit and milk til it’s smooth, add a little Wave and blend some more. Pour it into your favorite on-the-go mug and top it off with the rest of your Wave Soda. Sparkle and a little caffeine pick me up that wasn’t there before! If you’re the beach bum type, try banana and pineapple with coconut milk and Mango Wave. For the berry traditional type, you might prefer frozen strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with oat milk and a Blackberry Wave.

Hello, Sparkly Sangria
I hope your reading this EOD because this next one is sure to make you want to clock out and get your weekend started early. Sangria is great because… well it’s wine and fruit. But what if it was wine and fruit and bubbles? Next level. Red wine, vanilla vodka, triple sec, peach juice and a Tangerine Wave would be the perfect, summery, sweet cocktail to sip in the backyard.

Green Juice or Super Greens Mix, But Fun!
Some of us enjoy it. Some of us believe it to be a necessary evil. But either way, green juice is good for you! And there’s certainly no harm in spicing it up a little. Add a Cucumber Wave to any green juice or super greens supplement to make it a little more – eh hem- palettable!