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Enjoy the Wave Soda Journey

The year 2020 has brought us new challenges, worries, and frustrations. It can be daunting to look ahead and wonder what the next sixth months of the year might hold. The cliché, "life is a journey" is starting to feel more and more like a mantra for this new decade we are reluctantly trudging our way through. 

At Wave Soda, we are no strangers to difficult journeys. Although the trek can be exhausting and deflating, the trials often teach us some of life's greatest lessons and we end up coming out smarter and more accomplished than when we started. 

The Epic Journey of Nat Noone

One of my personal favorite journeys to gush about is that of our Wave Soda Founder and CEO, Nat Noone. Nat's journey began in college, starting and working a fruit stand with his brother in Washington DC. Fifteen years and around thirteen promotions later, Nat found himself in California, working in a corporate office for Odwalla which had been bought by Cocacola. Longing for a more soul-enriching experience, he left the company in 2010 and once again returned to the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Originally planning to start-up Wave Soda, Nat took another route and launched a national refrigerated DSD company instead. During this time Nat learned numerous valuable business lessons which helped him greatly when he eventually created and launched Wave Soda in 2017. Looking at the market, Nat noticed there was a need for a different kind of soda. One that was healthy, all-natural, and with recognizable ingredients. Realizing no soda like that existed, Nat decided to create one himself. 

Discover Your Journey

I believe the most inspiring part of Nat's journey, is that it is still happening. Wave Soda is continuing to grow and prosper, and so is Nat himself. 

Here at Wave Soda we encourage our employees and our customers to discover their own personal journeys and urge them to keep looking ahead for another great adventure. What better way to embark on an epic journey than with a delicious Wave Soda in your hand, ready to be sipped and enjoyed!