Easter Eggs in Wave Soda's Brand

Our brand is who we are!

Here at Wave we try our best to spread the brand to anyone and everyone! Along the way we have included "easter eggs" in our logo and cans!

#1. The Wave bus' license plate

What do the initials mean? They differ on every single can of Wave!

#2. The circled letters

Another case of mystery initials! These two letters differ on every can as well, what could the message behind them mean?

#3. "42" mg of caffeine

What was the reasoning behind the choice to make a can of Wave 42 mg of caffeine? A special year? A sports reference? You tell us!


Were you able to crack any of our codes?

If you think you did, comment on this blog and our Instagram!

Keep an eye out for any other Easter Eggs...trust me there's more!


A huge shoutout to Sticker Mule for helping Wave spread our easter eggs nationwide!

Wave Details

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Thanks, Sticker Mule!