Can You Drink Too Much Seltzer Water?

Are you obsessed with flavored seltzer water?

Me too! 

Do you ever worry you're drinking too much?

Me too!

In today's post, I break down the ingredients in our all-natural fruit soda and answer the question of whether you (and I) have been drinking too much of it! 

What Is Really In Wave Soda??

Do you ever purchase a product from the store because it claims to be "all-natural!" or, "made with ingredients you know and love!" then you get home and read the fine print and it is definitely not either of those things?

So frustrating, right?!

Here's the brilliant thing about our healthy carbonated water, it is actually healthy. And all-natural. And you will know all the ingredients! 

See for yourself.

apple wave soda

Right there on the back of the can we ease your mind in just a few words. 

  • Carbonated Water
  • Apple Juice Concentrate
  • Lemon Juice Concentrate
  • Natural Flavor



That's some all-natural soda if I have ever seen one! 

How Much Is Too Much?

Firstly, let me clarify that we are seltzer water mixed with fruit juices. 

This is different than flavored club soda which can contain a handful of other added minerals and ingredients.

Some people have voiced concerns that sparkling or seltzer water may not be as hydrating as regular water. 

Well, research has found that in fact, seltzer water is equally as hydrating as still water and there is truly is no difference in their hydration levels. 

tangerine wave soda

Others have asked if it is harmful when exercising.

Again, research has found no nutritional or health concern on drinking seltzer water while exercising. Of course, if you have a sensitivity to bubbly drinks while you are vigorously active, then it's best to stay away from Wave Soda while exercising. 

(But you should drink some after to stay hydrated!)

Seltzer water is naturally acidic, won't that be harmful?

Similar to any other acidic food or drink, it's not smart to over-consume. Although, if you enjoy our Wave Soda in appropriate volumes and you will be a-okay!


Studies have shown that drinking your seltzer water through a straw, like our eco-friendly and very sleek reusable bamboo straws perhaps, can help limit the contact that the acidic drink has with your teeth. 


girl holding can of apple wave soda

Drink Away!

So basically, just don't drink an entire Wave Soda 6 Flavor Variety Pack all in one day and you will be doing amazing. 

Happy sipping Wave friends!