Do You Suffer From A Smartphone Addiction?


As society has shifted to zoom meetings, phone calls, and even TikTok celebrities, phone use has jumped significantly. 

So what's the issue? Well, turns out, exaggerated screen time isn't all that great for your health. 

How do you know if you suffer from a smartphone addiction, and what can you do about it? Follow along with our New Wave Soda blog today to learn more. 

How To Tell If You Are Smartphone Addicted 

smartphone addiction

There might not yet be a perfect test to see whether you are suffering from a smartphone addiction, but there are a few signs that might suggest you use your phone too much. 

Our healthy soda drink has put together the following list that can help indicate if you are on your phone too much:

  • you are constantly checking your phone 
  • your partner, friends, or family are feeling neglected
  • you are more interested in social media than actual social interactions
  • you are constantly comparing yourselves to others online
  • you have stopped actively listening to others
  • you become anxious when you don't now where your phone is
  • you fill quiet moments by checking your phone
  • you ignore others when you are using your phone


If you agreed with more than half of the list above, you may have a smartphone addiction! 

The good news is, this can be fixed. In the following section our natural soda offers another, happier list that you will want to check out!

How To Manage Your Smartphone Addiction

Chances are, we could all use a little something from this list! 

Check out the list below made by our healthy soda alternative:

  • Get a smartwatch; this will allow you the luxuries of a phone, but without all the temptations
  • Set aside specific times during the day to participate in grounding activities like mediating, reading a book, or going for a walk
  • Utilize the "Screen Time" feature on your phone to get weekly reports on your screen time, and even set limits on different apps
  • Find an accountability partner that will help you lessen your phone use


These are just a few things that our happy soda team likes to do to make sure we do not develop a smartphone addiction. 

When you are feeling like you have spent too much time looking at your phone take a break, put your phone away, grab an aspartame free soda and regroup! 

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