Do You Need A Motivation Makeover?

Raise your hand if you are a huge procrastinator! 

I can't see your hand but I will tell you, both of mine are raised. 

Some days I am unstoppable but other days I find it hard to get my brain working. 

If you can relate, stick around because today Wave Soda is bringing you some life hacks to give your motivation an all out makeover! 

Do's and Don't's

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of what we know (or think we know) about motivation, isn't entirely true. 

Here are some things to avoid and tips of what you can do instead to kickstart your motivation. 

Don't: Write down your goals and expect to automatically succeed

Writing down your goals is an amazing first step in the process, but it can't stop there!

Do: Make a list of your goals and then add specifics to prep and plan how you will achieve them

Having a detailed plan of action will give you defined checkpoints to hit along the route to stay on track. 

(If you are looking for inspiration, check out how Nat Noone, Founder and CEO of Wave Soda, built a successful, healthy fruit soda company from the ground up!)

Don't: Use rewards as your only motivation to get things done

Rewards are great! We love rewards! I mean we offer a rad rewards program for Wave lovers and we are pretty stoked about it. But sometimes they don't keep our motivation fire burning. 

Do: Sign up for an app or program where you have to pay if you don't meet your goals

It sounds a bit funky, but imagine if you didn't get all your work done today, instead of missing out on those hours, you actually had to pay your job for the hours you didn't make! You can bet your bottom I would be getting all my work done, and on time too!

Click here to view some different apps that offer this kind of accountability. 

 Don't: Believe that success is the only option!

This is something that may actually be super counterintuitive as a motivation tool. 

Believing that you must succeed or else you are a failure can ruin your mindset and keep you from trying things in the future. 

Do: Anticipate speedbumps and detours along the way

How many have heard that saying, "the road to success isn't linear"? 

Well, it's a saying for a reason! 

At Wave Soda we preach about the journey. So many important lessons and tools for success are learned along the journey, and often times, right around the time when you feel like you are failing. 

Appreciate the difficulties that arise and use them as motivation to find another way of looking at things. 

Most importantly, the key to motivation is having fun and believing in yourself! 

(I'm sure drinking some Wave Soda and vibing off the polite caffeine buzz won't hurt either)