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DIY Wave Soda Can Planter

With restaurants and shops starting to open up, it feels like life is slowly returning to normal. Even still, those places that are opening have strict guidelines that need to be followed in order to keep everyone safe. 

As tempting as it may sound to get back into the gym and work off some of those quarantine calories, at Wave Soda we want to offer a slightly safer alternative. 

That's right. We're talking a DIY project y'all. 

(Okay, so it's not quite the same as running on the treadmill or deadlifting 200 lbs, but it's fun and safe and environment-friendly!)

Below, we have explained in detail one of our favorite DIY projects that can be accomplished using our trendy Wave Soda cans. 


Is anyone else completely obsessed with succulents, or is it just me? They are the perfect plant because they require minimal water and care.

To create a Wave Soda can planter for your succulent, you will need the following:

  • A wave soda can (or a couple if you can't decide which refreshing flavor is your favorite and you want to make more than one)
  • A can opener 
  • An awl/knife/object with a sharp blade that you can use to cut the can 
  • A succulent (or a couple if you still can't decide which refreshing Wave Soda flavor is your favorite)

Once you have all the necessary items it's a pretty straight forward process. 

Step 1) Drink a bunch of politely caffeinated, all-natural Wave Soda

Step 2) Use a can opener to cut the top off of the Wave Soda can. Cut small slits on the rim off the newly cut can going downwards, then fold the rim over to make a smooth top rim for your planter

Step 3) Poke a few holes in the bottom of your can for drainage purposes

Step 4) Remove your succulent from its container and place it directly into the planter you just made. (If there is extra space around the succulent, you may need to add some more soil to fill it in)

Step 5) Stare in awe at the majestic planter you just fashioned and give thanks to Wave Soda for creating a delicious, low-calorie, sparkling soda drink. 


Save The Planet

Here at Wave Soda we want to urge you to take care of Mother Earth. Our DIY soda can planter is just one of the many fun ways that you can repurpose our cans. 

We also sell reusable bamboo straws on our website, under "shop". These straws help to keep millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills, and also help to limit the amount of waste that makes it into the ocean and endangers the lives of innocent animals. 

If you would like us to post another DIY project using our soda cans, leave a comment on our Facebook page, or send us a DM on Instagram




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