DIY Soda Tab Jewelry

Finally, another DIY. I don't know about y'all but I just cannot get enough of all these Pinterest DIY tutorials. 

Who doesn't love the environment? 

Who doesn't love treating the environment all sorts of right by recycling materials and producing beautiful creations?!

Silly people, that's who. 

I know you Wave Soda lovers aren't silly like that so let's dive right in. 

Save Your Soda Tabs!

When I was in elementary school we had a student-run market each year. The third graders would create homemade products and sell them for the whole school. I remember one year I bought a bracelet made of red fabric, woven through old soda tabs, and to this day it is my favorite piece of jewelry I've owned. 

So today I will teach you how to master the soda tab bracelet! 

First step, drink a lot of Wave Soda. A 24-Variety Pack would probably do just fine. After you finish all of your refreshingly uplifting low-calorie soda, save all your tabs, cause you're going to need 'em. 

Now We Make 

For this little project you are going to need:

  • Soda tabs!
  • A ribbon, piece of fabric, or sturdy string/yarn
  • A small bit of patience

Okay, bear with me because there are a few intricate steps to this but I promise it's really not that bad!

  1. Take your fabric and weave it down into the larger opening in the tab and then come from the bottom and weave it back up through the smaller opening
  2. Using the part of the fabric that you just weaved through the tab, begin weaving it through tabs, one at a time until enough tabs are connected to create a bracelet 

       3. If you are creating a single layer bracelet, hooray cause you're basically done! just adjust the tabs so they are close together, without any gaps, and then tie             the bracelet onto your wrist

Tada! All finished. Now sit back and marvel at the adorable and eco-loving bracelet you just made :)

Thank goodness for Wave Soda because I drink enough of that to make about three bracelets a week!