DIY Soda Can Shaker

What is it about warmer weather that gets us all feeling like we’re on some beach, somewhere? Some of us are! Others are just commited to riding that island vibe in cities and countrysides.
The crew at Wave Soda loves the commitment level. So no matter where you are, we want you feeling like your at our beach bonfire every night.

Nothing gets you in that mood better than a little live music. Now, not all of us are that guy with the guitar. And only a few of us are brave enough to sing in front of all of our friends (unless copious amounts of alcohol are involved.) But that’s okay! Because we have the perfect thing for you: A pocket sized instrument you can make at home in just 5 minutes. It’s easy to make, doesn’t require much musical prowess, and you’ll look super cool if you pull this out next time your buddies start jamming.

Here’s how to make a soda can shaker in just three easy steps.

What you’ll need:

An empty Wave Soda can (They’re just so much prettier than other soda cans!!!)
A hot glue gun (I realize not everyone has one of these lying around. Super glue or gorilla glue will work too!)
Optional: Fabric to cover the top of the can

Un-Pop That Top

Take your tweezers and pull the tab out so that it’s outside of the can.

More Salt Please

Fill your soda can with regular table salt. About halfway should do just fine! I find that the salt gives the most subtle shaker sound, but feel free to get more bold with rice or pebbles!

Close’r Up!

Fit the tab so it aligns perfectly and glue it shut. Voila! You’re ready to shake.
Here’s where the fabric comes in. I found the shaker looked a little unfinished with glue on the top. If you’re happy with it, by all mean… shake away! If not, there’s an easy fix. Cut a small, round piece of fabric, add some hot glue to the edges of the can and fit it on top.

Whoda thunk! You! In a jam band! Get to it, friend.