DIY Soda Can-dle Holders for Your Next Night In

*~Bathtub vibes~*

Can we talk about ‘em?

Sometimes the only thing to soothe an aching body and a tired soul is a nice, long, bath. But in order to get the full effect, you need the works! I’m talking music, crystals, a Toy Blossom CBD bath bomb, some plant babies for company and, of course, candles galore!

Now, some plain old tea lights might be nice and all… but this isn’t amateur hour. And every serial chiller knows that lighting is everything when it comes to setting the mood. So why not make it the perfectly paradisiac evening with these  sweet and easy, little candle holders for the most calming glow.

What you’ll need:

A Wave Soda can (or a few, if you want multiple candle holders!)

Tealight candles

Exacto Knife


A hole punch

First things first. We underestimate how thrown off our body gets when we’re dehydrated. You’ll need an empty can anyway, so sit down with an Apple Wave Soda; refreshing sparkling water with real fruit juice for a sweet little pick me up! But unlike the others, this flavor is caffeine free. Perfect for your relaxing night in.

Next, rinse it out cut the top off the soda can with an exacto knife. Once the hard, aluminum top is off, you can easily cut the can down to size with a small pair of scissors.

Take your hole punch… Ugh… wait sorry.

Get that curious pup off your lap… and then punch a polka-dot design all around the remainder of the can.

Pop in your tea light and lighter’ up!

Pretty easy, huh? And couldn’t be cuter, thanks to the colorful packaging of our healthy soda alternative.

Now, run that bath and chiiiiiiiiiiiiiill.