DIY Shabby-Chic Wind Chimes

Sometimes peace and quiet is a little more peaceful when it’s just a tad less quiet.

I’m not talking about your barking dog or your crying baby. I’m thinking more like sound bowls and wind chimes. But just like things taste better when they’re homemade, with love, so too do things sound better when they’re homemade with love! Like your dad strumming his guitar and singing John Denver songs, or a homemade upcycled wind chime made from cans of the healthy soda you serve to your family at all your backyard BBQs.

So we’re going to show you how to throw together some homemade, shabby chic wind chimes in just 20 minutes.

What you’ll need:

Empty Wave Soda cans (pick up a variety pack if you’re going for lots of color!)

First, cut your fabric into strips. You’ll want five slightly different sizes and three pieces of each size. Don’t worry about cutting them to exact size or perfectly straight. Shabby chic depends on a little charming irregularity!

Next, tie the like-sized pieces together with a quick knot at the top.

Then braid each of your 5 pieces between halfway and three quarters of the way down.

The next part is a little tricky to explain… bare with me! With your twine, tie a knot around the fabric at the end of the braid to keep it together.

Use the excess twine to weave through the soda can tab and secure it with a double knot.

Once you’ve tied on all of your cans, gather all the pieces together and tie them up with another larger piece of twine. Make a big loop of it so it will be easy to hang!

Now, all you have to do is find the perfect windy spot for your new wind chime. Can you hear that? That’s the sound of a job well done.