Discover The Link Between Gut Health And Mental Health


I may be wrong, but it seems like gut health is a relatively new health trend that's only begun to receive traction in the last 10-15 years. Maybe that's just from my personal experiences!

Growing up, we never talked about that kind of stuff and truth be told, I wish we would've because my gut health is not where I want it to be. 

Today our Wave Soda blog is featuring the topic gut health and it's links to mental health! Scroll down to learn more and snag some great health tips on the journey. 

What's The Deal With Gut Bacteria?

For the most part, when people hear bacteria they think unclean, unhealthy, and 


Turns out, there's such thing as good gut bacteria and it's actually really essential in promoting positive gut health!

Basically, there are 300-500 kinds of bacteria living in your gut. This bacteria lines your entire digestive system, mostly in your intestines and colon and can affect your metabolism, mood and immune system. 

How does gut health affect your mental health? Let's check that out next!

Let's Link Up!

The relationship between gut health and mental health is something that is constantly being researched. Around 5-10 years ago there was hardly any information, but now thanks to new studies we can confidently say there is a link between the two!

Your microbiome--the entire population of good and bad bacteria that lives in your gastrointestinal tract--relies heavily on a healthy balance. When an imbalance occurs, there can be negative affects on mental health. 

  • Research suggests that an unhealthy alterations to your microbiome can lead to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychological or neurological problems
  • Disruptions to the microbiome can cause the immune system to overreact and cause inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to a number of diseases
  • Researchers suggest that infections early in life that cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract can actually interfere with normal brain development


This is a whole lot of information to soak up and can be overwhelming if you are new to gut health. 

Don't worry though! Our natural soda team promised you some helpful tips and those are coming up right now. 

How Can I Promote Healthy Gut Bacteria and Good Gut Health?

I'm so happy you asked!

If you have ever been nervous for a big presentation or work meeting and started to feel nauseous, then you have first hand experience with the link between gut health and mental health. 

That's right! It truly affects us all. 

So put down your sparkling water for a second and check out these helpful tips to promote a positive gut health:

  • Eat a well balanced diet that includes probiotic or prebiotic ingredients to support microbial health (for example: yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, miso)
  • Consider taking probiotic supplements to regulate gut health
  • Eat a high-fiber diverse diet
  • Consume a variety of plant-based foods
  • Practice mindfulness to decrease stress


You're in luck! If you have been keeping up with our New Wave Soda blog, then you have seen a handful of posts regarding mindfulness, de-stressing, and plant-based recipes

As a natural soda brand, we have a passion for bringing our customers not just a healthy soda alternative, but other tips and tricks to increase their overall health and wellness!

Thanks for reading today's post about gut health! Stay tuned for more health-conscious content coming your way.