Did You Get The App Yet??

It's live, baby!!

If you caught my blog a few days ago then you heard the amazing news, Wave Soda has an app! 

Well, it's officially, officially live now and we are looking for beta testers. Jump on our Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Wave Soda news, including all things app-related. 

What's A Beta Tester?

I'm not always the best at keeping up on all the computer and tech lingo, so if you're anything like me I'm sure you have a good idea what a beta tester is but you couldn't explain it to someone else. 

Well, a beta test is period of time when a company or business is testing a product before release. So a beta tester is someone who is helping test that product! Super simple actually. 

You're in luck today because our Wave Soda app just launched and we are looking for beta testers! You understood that, right? Someone is actively asking for your unique opinion and suggestions! (How many times in your life does that happen?!)

PLUS, you will get a little extra something for sharing your thoughts with us! App testers will receive a 20% off discount code and a set of free reusable bamboo straws. 

Don't sleep on this opportunity because spots are limited and going fast!