Covid-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday's simply because of all the happy buzz about it. 

Carving pumpkins, giving out candy, seeing creative costumes, there are just so many fun new things that happen around Halloween time. 

Obviously, this year is much different but today Wave Soda is bringing you some Halloween costume ideas that are Covid-friendly so you can still get in the spooky spirit! 


Oh yes, we are bringing it back to childhood with this one!

Who dreamed of being an astronaut and flying in a space ship when they were younger??

You can wrangle up your generic astronaut gear, or you can get creative. Either way, your helmet will work perfectly as a face mask replacement!



Cowboy or Cowgirl

Another easy costume, and probably one that many of us have been before. 

This costume is great because you can grab a bandana and pull it up over your face to stay protected, plus it will go perfectly with your Halloween costume!


If you want a unique Western fit, you could go even further and try mimicking Woody or Jess from Toy Story or John Wayne from old Western movie culture. 

Basically Anything From A Horror Film

I am an absolute baby when it comes to scary movies. 

Helpful hint, do not drink too much Wave Soda before watching one because you will have to use the bathroom so much from all the jumps and scares! 

Anyway, if you're looking for inspiration, try one of the following safe Halloween costume ideas:

 Pennywise from "IT"                                Creepy Nun from "The Nun"        


 Werewolf from "Van Helsing"                         Creepy Grim Reaper from "Scream" 




Our team at Wave Soda can't wait to see what awesome Halloween costumes you guys comes up with!

Shoot us a message on our Instagram or Facebook with your Covid-friendly costume and win a feature on our blog and other social media pages!

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