Celebrate National Quesadilla Day With This Healthy Recipe


Today is also National Daughter's Day but I can't very well write a recipe post for daughters so...a quesadilla recipe it is. 

Scroll down to find some healthy substitutes for you next quesadilla and while you're at it, enjoy some Wave Soda, another healthy substitute for high-sugar and high-calorie pop. 

Whole Wheat Instead Of Flour

We all knew this was coming, right?

I get it if you're not a big fan of whole wheat tortillas but they are so much better

for you! 

Just read these quick health benefits:

  • Can help with weight management and control
  • Are a good source of calcium
  • Are a good source of manganese (necessary for normal brain and nerve function)
  • They keep your heart healthy

A small change that can go a long way!

I've heard that whole wheat quesadillas pair amazing with Blackberry Wave Soda. 

Just a suggestion ;)

Greek Yogurt Instead Of Sour Cream

I learned this one in college and it is by far one of my favorite healthy substitutes to make in my diet!

Have you ever tried plain Greek yogurt? It has that tangy, definitely not sweet, flavor. 

Exactly why it's perfect in place of sour cream! 

Just like Wave Soda, Greek yogurt is a healthy alternative. 

Let me show you some facts. 

Significantly lower in calories, fats and cholesterol, plus Greek yogurt is high in natural protein. 
Slap this on your next quesadilla and enjoy the yummy taste and amazing health benefits!

Let's Get Cooking

Gather your favorite quesadilla ingredients, a pan, and a positive attitude and we are ready to go!

  1. Butter your whole wheat tortilla so it won't stick to the pan and then start cooking over medium-low heat
  2. Add all the fixins inside!
  3. Throw on your favorite cheese
  4. Cover with your second buttered tortilla and some garlic salt if you're feeling frisky
  5. Flip when the bottom tortilla has browned
  6. Pull off the stove and enjoy with salsa or hot sauce, and of course, Greek yogurt!
All quesadillas taste best with a crisp, all-natural soda on the side, so be sure to grab your favorite Wave Soda Flavor for the optimum experience!


Make The Switch!

If you're already a lover of Wave Soda then you must also love making healthy choices. 

As you know, our soda has only 15-25 calories per can and only 2-6 grams of natural sugar, making it a perfect healthy soda alternative

Don't stop there!

Keep doing right for your body with these other healthy changes!