Celebrate National Pumpkin Seed Day With This Tasty Recipe

It's finally October which means EVERYTHING PUMPKIN.

Unfortunately, I am not a pumpkin spice lover. I really want to be, but my taste buds do not fancy the flavor. 

Nevertheless, I love pumpkin seeds! They are such a yummy snack, and so good for you too!

Scroll down to get the best pumpkin seed recipe and learn why Wave Soda and pumpkin seeds are a match made in heaven!

Healthy Seeds, Healthy Heart!

Pumpkin seeds contain healthy fats, magnesium and zinc, which all contribute

to improved heart health! 

If you caught our 4 Healthy Heart Tips blog, you know that Wave Soda is good for your heart too. 

Our healthy soda alternative can add to a healthy diet since it is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no added sugars. Both of which may be linked to positive heart health! 

Consuming pumpkin seeds can also improve overall health in the following ways:

-Provides valuable nutrients including the three listed above, plus fiber, protein, manganese and iron

-High in antioxidants

-Linked to reduce risk in some cancers

-Improve prostate and bladder health

-Lower blood sugar levels

-May help improve sleep

Now that pumpkin carving season is upon us, we have more reasons than ever to keep our pumpkin seeds and cook them for a healthy snack! 

Check out this pumpkin seed recipe brought to you by Wave Soda, below! 

Pump, Pump, Pump It Up

Thankfully, as many of you probably know, roasted pumpkin seeds are just about the simplest snack to make, ever. 

After you have all your pumpkin seeds you'll want to grab some butter, and some salt

Preparation should look like this:

-Place seeds in a colander and rinse with water to remove excess pumpkin pulp

-Remove seeds from colander and pat dry with paper towel

-Place seeds in a bowl and toss with melted butter and salt

-Spread seeds onto a baking sheet and cook until golden brown (around 25 minutes at 350 degrees)

Time to get freaky!

Once you have pulled the pumpkin seeds out of the oven, consider tossing them in your favorite toppings!

Ranch dip packets make a delicious topping, or if you are feeling spicy, even a taco seasoning packet tastes amazing. 

If you are looking for something sweet, try tossing in some sugar and cinnamon! 

Last but not least, wash down your yummy pumpkin seeds with your favorite Wave Soda Flavor and enjoy the healthy notion that you are treating your heart and your taste buds :)