Celebrate National Keto Day With Our Keto Soda


Coming into the new year, many people decide they want to get healthier and start eating and drinking good, natural foods. 

Hey, we are all for it! Your body is a temple, right?

That's the whole reason Nat Noone came up with a keto soda anyway, he knew he couldn't keep drinking traditional soda with all the artificial ingredients and high-sugar content. 

Why Keto?

Simply put, the keto diet is low-carb (like Wave Soda!) and high-fat. It sounds

strange to have a diet that is high in fat, but the keto diet has a handful of health benefits, like the following:


  • it can help with weight loss
  • it lowers risk factors for many diseases
  • it can lead to lowered blood pressure levels
  • it lowers blood sugar levels
  • it can help improve insulin sensitivity 


The keto diet can seem strict for anyone just starting, but the good news is, our flavored sparkling water fits the criteria! 

What Foods Do I Have To Avoid?

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the keto diet can seem overwhelming from the outside as there are a lot of foods that need to be avoided. 

  • grains or starches
  • beans or legumes
  • root vegetables and tubers
  • unhealthy fats
  • alcohol


These are just some of the main food groups to reduce intake of or eliminate all together. 

Does it feel daunting? That's okay!

You already have one all-natural keto drink that you can sip on while you enjoy the benefits of the diet!

Plus, if you head on over to our Wave Soda Blog, you can find a handful of keto recipes and low-sugar mocktails. 

Say "goodbye sugary soda" and "hello keto soda"!