Celebrate National Fast Food Day With These Healthy Options


How many of you have a weakness for fast food??

My hand is up too!

It can be hard to eat good when you are on the go and need something quick, but there are a few healthy fast food options that exist. 

Scroll down to see what our team at Wave Soda likes to eat when we are out and about or on a time crunch!

Salad or Brown Rice Bowl from Chipotle

I'll bet I'm not alone when I say, "I love Chipotle"!

But, I'll spend a quick second to tell you why Wave Soda loves Chipotle too.       

  • It's quick & there are locations almost everywhere so you're never far from one
  • You can customize your meal at no extra charge
  • They have vegetarian and gluten free options


Chipotle is easy to love because you can see all the ingredients right in front of you. 

If you are wanting a lower carb option, opt for the salad without rice. 

If you're like me and you need rice to survive, try substituting brown rice instead of white rice as it is a whole grain and contains more nutrient dense.

While you're at it, choose a healthy soda alternative like Wave Soda, instead of a fountain drink. Your taste buds and body will thank you. 

Spinach Wrap or Lettucewich from Which Wich

I am not lying when I say, I firmly believe Which Wich is the best sandwich place I have ever been to. 

The ordering process is amazing because you can customize your sub from start to finish! From the insides, to what your sub is wrapped in, it's truly a treat. 

We love Which Wich for the following reasons:

  • The ingredients are always fresh and crisp 
  • They have tons of vegetarian and gluten free options
  • The ordering process is fast and easy


They also have salad options if you are not in the sub mood. 

Poke from Wicked Poke or Poki Poki

It might be because I live in California and poke is huge here, but it happens to be my go-to meal. 

Similar to Which Wich or Chipotle, the whole process is customizable so you never get anything to don't want. 

Most poke places offer a base of either salad, brown rice, or white rice. So if you are looking for a healthier option, stick to the salad or brown rice. 

We love poke because:

  • You can customize your order from start to finish
  • There are vegetarian and gluten free options
  • The ingredients are fresh and natural


At poke restaurants you can choose between tons of different, natural ingredients like fresh tuna, edamame, even pineapple! 

At Wave Soda, we love poke when we are looking for a fresh and clean option for lunch. 

Wash it Down with a Wave Soda

Of course, you don't want to ruin your lunch by getting a sugary soda or energy drink on the side. 

Try Wave Soda for a healthy, low-calorie alternative

We even have soda that contains 42 mg of caffeine if you are needing a slight pick-me-up!